CWF HT CPM 10V Hunter – does the job and some

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CPM 10V hunter – high wear resistance but not fragile.

Dimension: 0.105″ thick, 1.125″ wide, 4″ blade, 8.25″ OAL
Handle: Stabilized Lace Ramon Burl, fastened 3x corby bolts
Sharpened: Edge Pro + DMT 17 dps, 0.012″ behind edge thickness

Whittle: seasoned oak, Lignum Vitae Argentine, pork rib bone
Chop: seasoned oak.

2 thoughts on “CWF HT CPM 10V Hunter – does the job and some”

  1. gabe vigil says:

    you do some awesome work,love your knife designs as well

    1. luong says:


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