Test Thin Cross Section

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A thin wedge is useful for testing material strength and toughness. For given suite of tests, a subject cross section should intersect with failure threshold points. Intersected points are along the wedge face. This set of points move up/down inverse proportion to wedge angle of subject due volumetric strength/stiffness changes.

In order to differentiate/delineate delta among subjects, one should amplify to intersection points. In blades, we want to acquire gross failures, especially when performance differences is less than 50% between them. That represent about 2dps over 15dps delta. Test highest possible hardness help further amplification. In other words, move the damage points to thicker part of the wedge.

Finding out the differences is the goal, not whether it makes a differences in actual uses! Without improvement over time, does post doesn’t exists.

btw – I added pics of knives in ‘Gallery’ tab. It’s an ongoing process…

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