CWF HT Tempering

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I’ve been tested most of CWF HT-ed knives in untempered condition and at peak hardness. Weaknesses are highly amplified when blade at this state. For some steels, this condition is actually their optimal operating/usage state – ‘micro ripple, macro fracture’ edge. For most of other steels, this condition (very stiff & strong but edge will fails in fracture mode) functions great in pressure/push cut activities however lateral & impact beyond yield would result in fracture, which is much larger than ripple/roll.

Depend on steels & ht-ed & environment conditions, tempering temperature (& 1 hr soak time) to be adapted accordingly to achieve ‘micro ripple, macro fracture’ for thin cross section of the blade.

Examples of Tempered Hardness for some of BCMW CWF HT-ed steels:
W2/65-66rc; 52100/64; D2/65; 3V/64; AEBL/64; K390(10V)/66; CPMM4/66; CTS-XHP/64; …

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