CWF HT AEBL 64rc Kitchen Util Thin Hollow vs turkey thigh bones

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BluntCut MetalWorks
Crystal Weaving Foundation Heat Treat, AEB-L 64rc
7.25″ edge length, 0.08″ spine thick, hollow grind
0.011″ behind edge thick
26 degrees inclusive bevel angle

Thanks for watching & comments

Edge afterward – a victim of low bevel angle & too sharp (added to apex steering lead to ripples)

4 thoughts on “CWF HT AEBL 64rc Kitchen Util Thin Hollow vs turkey thigh bones”

  1. Ken H> says:

    That’s a good test of the CWF process. Perhaps the really impressive part is the roll from chopping bones rather than chipping out. At 64Rc I’d expect a chip rather than the roll – Good proof of CWF it seems. BTW, I LOVE coconut water! Opened many a coconut with machete. I’m still working to get my stuff together to try your CWF process.

    1. luong says:

      Under microscope, rolls are way thinner than posted 13dps. At the big roll, under 22x mag + micrometer & caliper, it’s 11dps. Yeah, definitely too thin & sharp to chop turkey thigh bone. This blade is tougher than I expected – notice though, it has much more complex cwf ht.
      That coconut water was yummy – I want at least 2 more :p Last trip to VN – I often drink 3-4 coconuts at a time.

  2. Chris says:

    You made chopping coconut so easy!
    With a lazy swing it took off the top just like that!

    1. luong says:

      Thanks, Chris.
      I’ve a bunch of coconut/light-wood-cleaver knives, which are thicker & heavier more effective for dealing with young & old coconuts (w & w/o husk). I will finish up this knife – aim for less than 6 oz when all done.

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