HRC CWF vs Conventional HT – aebl aust 1960F, 20 minutes soak

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Applicability of edge geometry: 0.015″BET/15dps

Conventional 63rc has very low impact toughness and rapid loss of apex radius below 400nm.

CWF HT 64rc supports moderate-to-working impact toughness and sustain apex radius below 200nm.

CWF HT aging 63.5rc low impact toughness – sub par compare to cwf ht 64rc 1F/minute. 1.5F/minute cooling rate could/guessing lead to loss some toughness. There are 2 more blades aged much longer time. Their performance also sub par. In theory, aging shouldn’t taken place if outer structure is finely weaved & strongly connected. I speculate structures collapsed due to high alloy inclusion breakup structure continuity. There are rescue attempts and data – IP. Just cwf ht properly…

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