Crystal Weaving Foundation – ‘How’ and a little bit of ‘Why’

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Its conceptual goal is to build a strong & tough solid using identical shape small building unit. Between units & group of units – interconnection, gap and vacancies determine strength & toughness of the result solid.

I use Combinatorial Optimization Graph to distilled 2 optimization goals:
* Maximize interconnectivity between units & unit-groups
* Minimize solid volume & radius

Conceptual to build highly interconnected crystal via 2 steps process:
* Create a outter structure frame by weave a hatch or spiral frame and formed tight pack inner/pocket/trap volume
* Convert inner/trapped volume to final crystal form & lattice

CWF HT – Applied to Steel Heat Treatment – FCC/Aust & BCT/Mart crystal lattice.
* shallow hardening steels – fast cool to avoid Pearlite Nose, then begin step1
* obj = work piece/blade
* Please read: Points: smoke ~400-480F, flash ~600F; fire ~700F.

* fill oil bath 2/3 full – leave room for oil thermal expansion in volume

s1: quench obj to 450-465F oil bath, slice around for 10 seconds, then stir around for 1 minutes
* do this for 1 or more objs
* Suspend/hanging this obj in this bath

Explanation: build the outter structure by minimize fcc phase change to bct driving/pushing force and at the same time induce pulling force, hence change of lattice orientation

s2: Cover the oil bath with a lid or aluminum foil.
* Target for uniform 1F/minute drop in temperature.

s3: 1 hr later – remove lid/cover.

s4: When oil temperature falls below 200-180F (take around 2-3 hrs depend on oil volume), air cool the blade to near room temp (~70-90F)
* ok, to leave obj overnight or a year

s5: Wash/clean blade. Straightening if needed and easy because the blade is still highly ductile(very high RA%) at this point
* ok, to leave obj overnight or a year

s6: Cryo (subzero should be ok for many steels) for 3-4 minutes, take out, wash
* ok, to leave obj overnight or a year

Explanation: Via thermal contraction (reduce atomic radius) to nucleate/calving strain/dislocated points, setting up for HCP precip. BCT outter structure will contract less than trapped/inner FCC pockets.

s7: Soak obj in 275F oil for 5 minutes. Take out & wash.

Explanation: hcp precip + Via thermal expansion (increase atomic radius) – spatial now allows retained-austenite conversion to martensite

CWF HT is done. Obj rc should be at peak hrc for maximum wear and very good toughness.

Temper ONLY when warranted by intended usage requires more ductility.


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