CWF ht 20160727 – D2 67rc below transition temperature cut 16d nail

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My plan to shoot 2 videos releasing CWF info got delayed by a nasty cold – lost voice.

Up & about, I shot a 95 seconds no-talk video.

Conventional hardened D2 known to be brittle. At 67rc should be like glass. At below transition temperature, this blade should behave like a thin sugar glass.

CWF ht (hardened) D2 at 67rc LN2 freezed did well with hammer tapped through 16D nail.

Close up on edge afterward

Thermal expansion sounds boring but you will probably hear more about it in CWF disclosure.

Look at CPM154 (a precious nugget of) data on Coeff of Therm Exp). It’s not a shocker to see high alloy steels transition temperature way above 0C.

Researchers fancy-up ways to create actual structure to combat thermal expansion: basically to preserve strength, minimize dimension flux and toughness in structural environment.

CWF conceptual approach is doing the same but within material/matrix itself.

LOL – I was puzzled to received a heavy package. Heheh ammo cans…

Edit to add:
My lazy & simple way of CWF ht weave – big ammo can 2/3 full of heavy cooking oil get heat ramp from a 100K BTU propane (turkey fryer) burner.

4 thoughts on “CWF ht 20160727 – D2 67rc below transition temperature cut 16d nail”

  1. oren says:

    amazing results

    1. luong says:


  2. Ken Hkeno says:

    Luong, I do hope you voice comes back soon – I know your wife is getting tired of the “quiet time” {g}. That CWF stuff is interesting – still looking forward to details so I can try it.

    1. luong says:

      Thanks, Ken.
      A practical view, CWF HT is more applicable for most steels people, rather than theoretical/conjectural of CWF.
      Cognizant that my CO (Combinatorial Optimization) goals were lost in translation and or poorly conveyed and or too abstract. Therefore a video is needed to explain CWF and CWF ht (an instance of applied CWF). HT recipe w/o this understanding would make ht tuning into trial-and-errors.

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