CWF ht 20160723 M4, 10V, M2, K390

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Aust 2175F 12+ minutes soak

* – 1.5″W x 12″L

*M2 66+rc – passed chop tests
*M4 67+rc – passed chop tests
*10V 68+rc – passed chop tests

1.5″W x 10″L 0.1″ thick K390 68+rc – passed whittle & chop tests

A local knife maker stopped by for couple hours. Demo his & my knives. Broke my 64rc aebl chopper (bladesports shape) on pin-knotted pine. Broken surface near edge & spine look good but mid section seem higher % of plate martensite (aka smooth clean surface). Lend him my 67rc D2 chopper & 66rc 1084 stick tang paring knife.

2 thoughts on “CWF ht 20160723 M4, 10V, M2, K390”

  1. Ken Ho says:

    All these tests sure do keep our interest up – Sure hope for HT’ing procedures so I can try it myself! Ken H>

    1. luong says:

      I am done (and tired of) with testing now… Just a matter of prep & shot 2 videos + posts releasing CWF & CWF ht.

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