CWF ht 20160721 A2

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Aust 1850F (no carbide refinement) CWF ht -> 67rc. Edge stability is good however perf is below CWF ht D2 (with carbide & grain refinement) because this A2 67rc whittle cow rib bone resulted with some micro chips.

Broke 7″ x 1.5″ 12″ OAL 67rc 0.196″ thick test blade by sheer + torsion baton against wobbly metal [ beam. upper 0.387″ of blade (downward from spine) mart matrix looks conventional due to present of visible (from broken surface) plate% martensite. Similar excess thermal mass problem as previous W2 chopper, thus similar mitigation/technique should be valid here.

4″ blade util blade easy to attain high sharpness and excellent edge stability for pressure/push cuttings. This blade is too thin & light to chop. Passed whittle suite of materials.

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