CWF ht 20160721 14C28N

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Test blate 0.098″ thick, 7″ edge 11.75″ OAL

Previous ht aust at 2025F – edge was too brittle at 63rc. This blade is being weave with aust 1920F. 0.11% Nitrogen could amplified driving force from Aust to Mart phase conversion.

Aust 1920F yielded 64rc. Edge stability is good. Test edge geometry 0.013″ BET/ 14dps – passed common whittle material but bone. Chopped 2×4 & oak board fine.

2 thoughts on “CWF ht 20160721 14C28N”

  1. Ken Holland says:

    64 Rc with 14C28N at 1929ºF is pretty good, I normally only got about 63 Rc as Quenched using aluminum plates. I’m thinking you said it passed common whittle material, but chipped on bone? With a 14 dpx and .013″ BET that’s not bad at all.

    1. luong says:

      Common materials = Bamboo, African Blackwood, 16D nail, dried cow rib bone.

      Tested at 64rc ‘untempered’. While my reference 14C28N blade with conventional ht tempered down 62rc failed to whittle my usually material.

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