CWF ht 20160720 – 14C28N and 1080+/80CrV2

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14C28N aust 2025F workind hardness 63rc. Failed whittle: Bamboo, AB, bone,… Seem to be very light improvement over conventional ht. However, edge is too brittle, thus FAILED ht – either too high aust or std CWF ht params are off.

1080+/80CrV2 65+rc – over heated (piggy back on 14C28N heat, then equalize at 1485F) with massive grain growth. Blade broke in half during straighten session. Broken surface looks really sad (mondo grain). Well, I have 1 more blade to try. Just have to remind my self allocate time for proper ht pre-harden-steps similar to W2 or 52100.

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