CWF ht 20160719 – AEBL chopper and small D2 knives

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Current CWF resolution/granularity

AEB-L 2.0″W x 17″L Chopper: aust 1975F -> 64rc. Extra fine carbide & low RA (better than 2000F or lower than 1950F).

Large & small knives D2: aust 1975F -> 67rc. excellent toughness when combine with carbide & grain refinement. Higher aust is better than lower because avoided large Cr23C6 carbide structure.

2 thoughts on “CWF ht 20160719 – AEBL chopper and small D2 knives”

  1. Ben Shulman says:

    Do you sell your knives? They are amazing

    1. luong says:

      Thank You. I just started to sell my knives – here is my first sale thread on BladeForums:
      Next batch is 2 to 4 weeks from now.

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