Crystal Weaving Foundation – resolution/granularity test plan

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I calculated a concrete CWF resolution/granularity to apply toward this tentative steels lineup:

Chopper/thick”: Aebl/.196, D2/.187, 8670/.172, (maybe) W2/.25, (maybe) O1/.25

Nakiri: W2/.125, 52100/.156, 1095/.156, 1084/.156, O1/.156, CruforgeV/.25, 1080+/80CrV2/.196, 5160/.125

10V/.132, A2/.188, M2/.172, M4/.210, 14C28N/.098, CTS-B75P/.193, N690/.182

(maybe)Misc: K390, Elmax, s110v, 20cv, cts-xhp, cpm154, s35vn, 3V

All blades will be ‘untempered’ and with hardness minimum = mfg max listed hrc. I will try to put on some usable handle for each blade.

Planned blade flat grind (primary): 3* – 4* per side

I’ve a huge pile of test blades used various CWF resolution, good for comparison. Of course, data from real hand-on testers worth a lot more.

Planned edge geometry for all blades: 0.02″ BET (behind edge thick), 30*-36* inclusive edge bevel.

Just a small blocking problem – TIME. How/where the heck, I can get a lot of that precious stuff…

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