CWF ht 20160727 – D2 67rc below transition temperature cut 16d nail

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My plan to shoot 2 videos releasing CWF info got delayed by a nasty cold – lost voice. Up & about, I shot a 95 seconds no-talk video. Conventional hardened D2 known to be brittle. At 67rc should be like glass. At below transition temperature, this blade should behave like […]

CWF ht 20160723 M4, 10V, M2, K390

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Aust 2175F 12+ minutes soak * – 1.5″W x 12″L *M2 66+rc – passed chop tests *M4 67+rc – passed chop tests *10V 68+rc – passed chop tests 1.5″W x 10″L 0.1″ thick K390 68+rc – passed whittle & chop tests ========== A local knife maker stopped by for couple […]

CWF ht 20160722 3V and CTS-B75P/BG42

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aust 2100F 35 minutes soak re-ht 0.172″ 3V thick 5″ blade half tang field knife – 66+rc (prev 2 ht was also 66+rc). *to be test B75P 0.193″ thick, 1.5″W x 12.3″ OAL – 64rc. Decarb was thick, especially in tang – probably due to a hole in ssfoil. *to […]

CWF ht 2016072x a pile of test blades

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20160721 22:00PDT – finished profile grind all test blades. Next – drill holes. W2, 52100, 1084, 1095, O1, CruforgeV are last to be ht because of time consuming pre-harden process. Next: 7″ blade ~12″ OAL – M2, CPM M4 and 10V to be pre-ht grind and CWF ht. Projected, aust […]

CWF ht 20160721 A2

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Aust 1850F (no carbide refinement) CWF ht -> 67rc. Edge stability is good however perf is below CWF ht D2 (with carbide & grain refinement) because this A2 67rc whittle cow rib bone resulted with some micro chips. Broke 7″ x 1.5″ 12″ OAL 67rc 0.196″ thick test blade by […]

CWF ht 20160721 14C28N

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Test blate 0.098″ thick, 7″ edge 11.75″ OAL Previous ht aust at 2025F – edge was too brittle at 63rc. This blade is being weave with aust 1920F. 0.11% Nitrogen could amplified driving force from Aust to Mart phase conversion. Aust 1920F yielded 64rc. Edge stability is good. Test edge […]

CWF ht 20160720 – 14C28N and 1080+/80CrV2

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Result 14C28N aust 2025F workind hardness 63rc. Failed whittle: Bamboo, AB, bone,… Seem to be very light improvement over conventional ht. However, edge is too brittle, thus FAILED ht – either too high aust or std CWF ht params are off. 1080+/80CrV2 65+rc – over heated (piggy back on 14C28N […]

CWF ht – weaver tank

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For those want to prepare for CWF. When ht-ing multiple blades, use more than 1 can is ideal… USGI 20mm AMMO CAN M548 1500 ROUNDS 7.62 METAL LARGE AMMO USGI 40mm AMMO CAN BA 20 100% STEEL LARGE AMMO um… I just ordered 4 more cans for myself. There are […]

CWF ht 20160719 – AEBL chopper and small D2 knives

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Current CWF resolution/granularity AEB-L 2.0″W x 17″L Chopper: aust 1975F -> 64rc. Extra fine carbide & low RA (better than 2000F or lower than 1950F). Large & small knives D2: aust 1975F -> 67rc. excellent toughness when combine with carbide & grain refinement. Higher aust is better than lower because […]

Crystal Weaving Foundation – resolution/granularity test plan

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I calculated a concrete CWF resolution/granularity to apply toward this tentative steels lineup: Chopper/thick”: Aebl/.196, D2/.187, 8670/.172, (maybe) W2/.25, (maybe) O1/.25 Nakiri: W2/.125, 52100/.156, 1095/.156, 1084/.156, O1/.156, CruforgeV/.25, 1080+/80CrV2/.196, 5160/.125 10V/.132, A2/.188, M2/.172, M4/.210, 14C28N/.098, CTS-B75P/.193, N690/.182 (maybe)Misc: K390, Elmax, s110v, 20cv, cts-xhp, cpm154, s35vn, 3V All blades will be […]